Featured Notes

Mahamadhusen Sawant

I met Lapiservices when my mother was suffering and needed an emergency operation.
Thanks to Lapiservices, my mother was able to have a successful operation.
If you have problems and you meet the requirements, you can smile because you are saved.

Tajinder Shivram Shetty

Thanks to Lapiservices, I finished the construction of my house a few months ago in India.
A big thank you to Lapiservices for their help.

Shammi Krishnarajah

All my gratitude to Lapiservices leads me to leave my note:
I discovered Lapiservices a few months ago, with three friends, we were able to get a loan of AED 130,000 each at a rate of 3% per year.
Thank you very much.

Sumon Tinguban

A few months ago, I had applied for a credit card.
The process took 14 days for me to receive my credit card with the amount of 150,000 AED.
Thank you for your help.


No need to lament about your personal short term loans. Thanks to LAPISERVICES, I was able to realize my projects in a short time.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to LAPISERVICES.

Noemi Gurung

Don't go any further LAPISERVICES is always on our side to save our human lives through its medical loan.
Just follow their instructions.

Waseem IQBAL

With LAPISERVICES, I was able to prepare my retirement within two weeks at most.
Thanks to its incredible but true retirement loan service don't hesitate to contact them.


I guarantee you that with LAPISERVICES I got my loan application and I received it in less than 10 days.
If you need a loan, LAPISERVICES is the best solution for any foreigner living in UAE.

Jerame Navarro

I didn't believe in money loans anymore because all the banks rejected my file. But one day a friend advised me to contact LAPISERVICES. So I made my request and I got the approval I was looking for for years. I got my loan which allows me to live well now and I pay my monthly payments regularly. You can contact them if you are in need of a loan for various personal reasons. Two of my colleagues have also received loans without any difficulty.

Muhammad Chaudhry

I was on Instagram one night when I came across a sponsored post from LAPISERVICES. I got the chance I had been looking for for years. I got a loan of AED 200,000 in 4 days which allowed me to restart my business and take care of my family. Thanks to LAPISERVICES and all their partners

Nedaa Kambi

My encounter with LAPISERVICES has been a miracle in my life when I was in need of a loan of AED 1,000,000 to restart my business and make some investments. I am very thankful to God for this especially since friends were also able to benefit from their services. I am very thankful to God for this especially that friends also benefited from their services. Thank you.

Kristian Oswaj

I have already been able to get loans from more than three local banks before I met LAPISERVICES. The advantage with them is that the loans are granted at a rate of 3% per year, which is very convenient for us as an investor.